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200+ personalized and beautiful themes(keep increasing) in our theme store.A large number of pop themes waiting for you.You can even make your own by yourself.

Supports customize the background,font,size and color,etc.Set the special notification,signature or conversation for individual as you like.


Beyond the limit of general MMS size(300K),support 8 high definition images at most just cost a text message,with a maximum size of 20M.

Support variety of file formats such as picture,video,doodle,hand writing,contact,location etc.

Pop up

Instantly popup on incoming message,directly display the content of messages,quickly reply.

Popup contact icon when receive message, clear at a glance,watiting for your answer.

Privacy Protection

Add private contacts, encrypted private contacts messages by number/gesture lock,set fake notification to hide a new private message.

Cloud keywords and blacklist management, intelligent blocking spam; report malicious numbers, away from harassment.

Free Message

Binding phone number, enjoy free SMS with your GO SMS friends,big mms can also be sent directly to one another.

Quickly create a group chat, group chat without upper limit on the number of friends.


Directly open face panel in the input box,face chat easier.

Support emoji,talk with Iphone users freely;much more funny, cute stickers.

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